Saturday, August 20, 2011

Esmod Fashion Festival 2011

Esmod in one of well known fashion education in the world. In Esmod there’s a view fashion program education, there are fashion design and creation, fashion design and pattern making, fashion business and short couse. Every year, Esmod present a runaway fashion show and fashion booth to represent the latest students collection who’s graduate in that year. After 3 years learn about fashion design and 1 year for fashion business, the student should make their own creation to realization their knowledge and one of degree requirements. In the 14th Esmod Jakarta present Esmod Fashion Festival  2011. This event takes place from June 20th until June 23th at Pacific Place Jakarta. On this year, the event enlivened by a fashion show and 'Exhibition Concept Boutique'. The fashion show was from Danar Hadi and Esmod Alumni, such as Mel Ahyar, Jeffry Tan, Danjyo Hiyoji, Syennita Ong, Danny Satriadi and Vashti by Indriyani. 

I was invited to see the second and the third day of Esmod Fashion Festival, but so sad i only attend the second day. So happy to finally see the fashion show of my favorite brand, Danjyo Hiyoji.

Danjyo Hiyoji
"Adrianus Rama Dauhan studied fashion design at ESMOD, Jakarta.Graduated in 2003 he awarded with a golden needle and used to work for the most well-known high street local brand in Indonesia as in-house designer for nearly 7 years." (source : Danjyo Hiyoji).

over the top heels!
here's come the designer

This time Danjyo Hiyoji present their new collection  Spring/Summer 2010 and the theme called "Neo-Folks". One of danjyo's designer said this collection its long lasting, younger, and androgyny. 

Mel Ahyar "HAPPA"
One of young talented Esmod Alumni who have been study fashion in Paris, Mel Ahyar present her collection  inspired by china, kazakhstan, and Tajikistan culture. "The Pamirs Plateau" an series of ethnic-style clothing with a silhouette of the highlands of Tajikistan.

 Mel Ahyar

Danny Satriadi
The Winner of LPM 2003, Danny Satriadi one of ESMOD alumni who's get a scholarship from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. On April 21th, showing his new collection "Fight For Love".  He such a talented designer, an amazing dress with sewing techiques. I believe, he's one of kind ultimate designer in Indonesia.  Now, he is one of my favorite designer with Tex Saverio. say hello to high fashion :)

Two Genius Pieces. Adore!

Esmod also be collaborating with Yongky Komaladi Shoesa well-known shoes company, who will join with ESMOD Jakarta students in shoes design competition. The participants are the third year student who are about to graduate. The judges are choosing 4 winners by the categories of Innovative, Ready to Wear, Fashion, and Kids." (source : ESMOD Jakarta)

Can i have these shoes, please..

One of my friend, Olivia Sekar Asri also graduated this year from Esmod in fashion design major. Here's her exhibition fashion boutique from her own line "LIVIA" big applause!

I'm sorry for this very late post about this Fashion Event. See you later guys xx! Gracias Muchas :*

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