Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 - The Part 2

Beside fashion show from Indonesian top designers, Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 ("IFW 2012") present an exhibition too. Anyway the exhibition is open for public with only 10.000 Rupiah for the ticket entrance. IFW Rows of booths are designed with futuristic symbol from the traditional culture. The products displayed will be made with modern tastes that meet international standards and hopefully, the work of the exhibitors were able to represent the image of Indonesian products in the global arena and international worldwide. From accessories to make up and from clothes to shoes here's my personal picks from IFW 2012 Exhibition.



Major love

Indonesian first lady, Mrs. Fatmawati Soekarno is the person who's making the Indonesia first flag. Which define Indonesian culture is close with making a piece of creation. Since my country consist of many culture and many tribe, i think that suppose to become Indonesia own specialty and we have to explore our talent.  In the main IFW 2012 purpose to show Indonesian creation in fashion industry to the global market. This is a good way to start for designers, fashion businessman, fashion enthusiast and other people related to make a breakthrough in global fashion industry. With Batik, Songket, Ikat, and other genuine textile pattern, indicate Indonesian richness of textile. There's no need to doubt about how amazing Indonesian people making a good creation. Now, is all about to explore our culture in fashion way, a good management to promote and fashion business touch to nailed it. Yeaay-rr to Indonesia Fashion Industry, spread the love! XX

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