Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Indonesian Fashion Week 2012 - The Final Part 3

On the final day of Indonesia Fashion Week ("IFW 2012"), i'm so excited for being an eyewitness for the ultimate three Indonesian designers fashion show Anne Avantie, Ferry Sunarto and Musa Widyatmojo. Anyway on that day, i wore :


Three leading designerfeaturing the latest collections in IFW 2012 fashion show, BNI Ethnic Eclectism. The maestro's masterpiece displays the highlight of individual character but still compact lift Indonesia's cultural roots in each design. Appearance from the master of fashion, Ferry, Musa, and Anne in the closing IFW 2012, representing hundreds of fashion designers and UKM in Indonesia that produces powerful and consistent fashion is rooted in local culture. It also represents hope IFW to attract more fans to love fashion in Indonesia and the use of local products is not less great with foreign brand.


Ferry Sunarto

An Indonesian designer from Bandung open the evening peak of IFW 2012 with a collection titled "Fascinating Romance". Inspired by the Bali Island featuring 18 kebaya collection using a lightweight fabric shades combined float brocade and songket motif Bali. Glamor, elegance and luxury in the design stand out thanks to a sprinkling of kebaya Ferry crystal pearls and rich colors. Through its design, Ferry shows kebaya not only cater to the tastes of women in Indonesia or Asia but also the world. Ferry bring the latest color trends such as orange, green, gray, and equip it with a white kebaya. To provide comfort when worn, wear kebaya Ferry creates silk, cotton, lace, tulle, organza and jacquard.

"M" by Musa Widyatmojo 

With the theme "Ready To Wear Ikat", 25 years of experience designer showing collections of ready-made with label M by Musa in the 2012 IFW modern yet rooted in local cultureMusa brings M by Tenun Ende of East Nusa Tenggara on modern women's fashion, began to dress, top, pants and skirts. The theme of the (ine) Musa Flores managed to mix cultural influences and global trends in fashion design for urban women. M by Musa showed at the same time inspiring that can be applied in a traditional fabric outfit with a variety of ways. Its success is the creation striated fabric into ready-made clothing with modern design, universal, sexy, elegant, in 2011 and repeated in 2012 with new material lifted from the cultural richness of Eastern Indonesia. In this collection, he also incorporates some other local products such as embroidery of Tasikmalaya also authentic rock from Jombang, East Java.

All photo courtesy in Musa Widyatmojo "The (ine) Kelimutu" BNI Present Ethnic Eclectism belongs to Mohammad Abduh/Wolipop.


The Ultimate Anne Avantie

Surprises in the evening peak IFW 2012 fashion show did not end up in the Ferry and Musa. Party more festive mode with the presence of a number of persona in Anne Avantie fashion show with the theme of Indonesia Sehati. Anne Avantie is one of my favorite Indonesian designer, since she brings Indonesian culture in her piece of creation.

Start from senior actress and model who demonstrates the range of model kebaya design of Anne, to a row of famous singers. Collaboration with renowned art and fashion dressing ready-made kebaya design, brings a wealth of cultural performance shows the archipelago in Indonesia Sehati performances. Anne took nine months to prepare for a show titled Indonesia Sehati epic collaboration with Guruh Soekarno Putra and Garin Nugroho. A designer from Semarang who cultivate a autodidact and has a career 23 this year, closing 2012 with performances of IFW highlight the cultural wealth of the archipelago with a surprise in every segment.
From ready made kebaya design, ready to wear line 'Batiken’, high fashion, evening gown and a wedding outfit line ‘Roemah Pengantin’, Anne Avantie hit the audience with her amazing creation. Even i’m dreaming wearing one of her wedding gown in my own marriage, i wish. Not only inspire with her talent to make an allure and remarkable piece of creation, i’m also salute with her social careness in hydrocephalus kiddos. She has an amazing idea in fashion and has good heart too, such a good role model for Indonesian people. Anyway here’s the detail from the Anne Avantie Fashion Show “Indonesia Sehati”, Major love!




 Anne Avantie is so over top and i'm in love with her signature backless creation.

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