Sunday, July 1, 2012

Collar Answer : Stellar Neckwear

Hey! I had made a Fashion Tips article about 'Spotlight Collar" in Gogirl! Magazine website. Since then i got some email asked about what store sells a collar neckwear. Here is the answer : i found an adorable collar on Stellar Neckwear. Owned by Puput Wulan Maulida, Stellar is a new line accesories, particulary on neckwears, like shawls, necklaces, scarves, ruffs, cape and forsure, a collar. In their new collection, Stellar introduce : 4th collection named "Popping Fancy". My Favorite belongs to : Beaded collar, pin collar ( i love studded!) and two-toned collar. Better get it fast guys, it's limited.

Do check their more collection in Stellar Neckwear Facebook and Tumblr, also get the latest update from them on @StellarNeckwear. XX!

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