Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kate's Vintage

Inspired by Kate Middelton, she often used an adorable and amazing hats. I combine a cutie pink and pearls hairpin, yes actually it is a hairpin, but i paired it as a bowtie. Vintage collar with flowers design from Stellar Neckwear, white shirt with flowers detail, and white motifs skirt. Quite difficult to find a katy's cocktail hat looks a like, so i replaced it with this cute headband. Rings : leopard silver (right) and balerina dancer (left) shape. Earrings : diamond's looks.

Thank you Stellar Neckwear for sending me this cute vintage collar. I love it! The best part from having a collar neckwear, you can interchange the collar with all your blouse and dress. It would also makes you stay creative in fashion mix and match. Enjoy! :)

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