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Eyelashes Candy, Pop! - D'EYEKO

Hey all i'm back! It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I'm sorry i couldn't fulfill my promise to giving you a post once a week. I've been busy working on some legal document by day, and doing my journalism task in the weekend. Trying to catch up all of those things, balancing life and multitasking. Hopefully, i will :) Anyway, i'm planning to upgrade my blog. I wish within next month or at least on November it will be finish. Yeaaay! Please looking forward to it~

Eyes are windows of the heart. Beautiful eyes will surely add our confidence to communicate with others. Eyes are window to the world. With eyes, we can see the beauty of the world and everything on it. Eyes clearly have an important role in our lives and performace. To makes our eyes even prettier beautify appearance, eyelashes is one of solution. "The eye sees what it brings the power to see." -Thomas Carlyle

Today, i am so excited to giving you a review product about D'EYEKO, a Premium Eyelashes. All D’EYEKO eyelashes are hand made premium lashes, made of natural hair, easy application, lightweight, comfortable, and sassy natural looking. It is 100% handmade to exact specifications, with 100% sterilized human hair in black or hair-like fiber in colored lashes and a rigorous quality-control process ensures the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing and distribution. These are fine designer quality false eyelashes. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and densities. D’EYEKO lashes are also trimmable to size, simple to apply and remove, and fully reusable. Nice nice nice!

First, let's meet D’EYEKO 'Natural Volume' Eyelashes
Part of D'EYEKO Angels collection, this is the perfect eyelashes for daily using. It has a softer – lighter texture, ultra lightweight, and easy to apply. Amazing for your natural look. With a little boost, brings your appearance even cuter and enhance your natural beauty. The best part of 'Natural Volume Eyelashes' looks natural, so others will not realize if you wearing false eyelash. Available in 3 choices, that can be adjusted in our eye's shape (Type 110, 154 and 153).

Second, D’EYEKO 'Feeling Pretty' Eyelashes
With minimalist design from Olga Lydia, Indonesian model, presenter and actress. 'Feeling Pretty' eyelashes suit to express our beauty and make our eyes more glowing. Shinning and Popping our eyes, make our day even brighter.

Third, D’EYEKO Lengthening Eyelashes   
Longing to own a longer and stronger charm with a length eyelashes? This is a perfect solution. Just put D’Eyeko Lengthening Eyelashes everyday or for a special occasion, your eyes will be marvelously pop with long and lavish eyelashes.  This product is also include with 1 pair of eyelashes with a glue. Part of D'EYEKO Angels collection, 'Lengthening' available in 3 choices, that can be adjusted in our eye's shape (Type 149, 141 dan 140).

Fourth, D'EYEKO 'In Da Club" Eyelashes
With a bold and unique design, this edgy eyelashes fits to express our prettyness in special occasion like fashion show attending to having a good dancing time at the club. This eyelashes is also designed by Olga Lydia.

Every D’Eyeko Eyelashes Angels collection product include with 1 pair of eyelashes with a glue. So we don't have to buy another glue's eyelashes. Saving and efficient :)

How to use it?        

Step 1 - Preparation : Lashes should be applied when make up is complete and lashes have been given one or two coast of mascara and make sure you own lashes are separate, you can use a lash comb if necessary. 

Step 2 - Check fit : Carefully remove the lashes from tray and check the length against your eye. Measure the length of the false lash to make sure it fits your eye shape. This will avoid the corner drooping or worse, the end poking into your eye. If the strip needs be shortened, cut the outer edge completely off with small nail scissors. Lashes should begin a little from the inside corner of the eye and not extend beyond the outside corner. So, if too wide trim lashes one or two at a time from the outside edge until the fit is perfect.

Step 3 – Apply D’eyeko adhesive : Place the eyelashes back on the tray. Then apply a line of adhesive to the lash band and wait at least for 30 seconds until the adhesive is a little gummy. Don’t worry the adhesive won’t irritate your eye, but please keep the adhesive applicator away from the away itself.

Step 4 – Fixing the lash : Look down into a mirror and hold lash as closely as possible to the natural lash line. D’eyeko lashes fix to the skin just above the natural lashes, no to them. Press gently across the entire lash, holding at the ends for a few seconds. Additional make up can be applied if required.

Step 5 - Last but not least : apply mascara last so you can integrate the natural lashes with the false ones, making sure they mesh into each other. If you see a gap showing on the eyelid skin between your own lashes and the false ones, don't pull off the strip and start again. You can just fill in the gap with either black liquid liner or eyeshadow to hide it. 

Anyway you can also watch 'How to use' D'EYEKO eyelashes tutorial below.

Don't forget to remove false lashes after using, How?
Most important thing : always remove false lashes before taking off rest of your eye makeup. Because rough removal of lashes will run the risk of pulling your own hairs out. First pre soften the glue with a cotton swab that's been soaked in an oily makeup remover. Use a dabbing motion along the lash line. This loosens the glue up and breaks down the strength and stickiness. While your eyes are open, take hold of the false lashes at tips of the outer corner. Then close your eyes and slowly, slowly peel them away from your own lashes, working from outer to inner corner, towards the nose. 

What do i like about this product : looks natural, reusable, safe for contact lens users, and appropriate glues from D'EYEKO safe for our eye's lashes & skin.  

Moreover, D'EYEKO also available in various styles, namely Superfull, Party Queen, Flirtatious, My Eyes Little Secret, Chibi Forever, You Are Beautiful and Love Is You. Futher information about D'EYEKO product and place to buy, do check their facebook account : D'Eyeko False Eyelashes or twitter : @DeyekoID or D'EYEKO website. Excited! :)

FYI Guys, from September 24th to September 30th 2012 at Watson's Health and Beauty Bazzar, Citraland Mall, Grogol there will be a D'EYEKO boothYou can learn how to use the lashes quickly and practically. Also there's a special promo buy 2 get 1 free! Feel free to come, don't miss it. Okay, that's it for today. See you soon. Stay believe in ourselves, XX!

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