Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ultima II Launched The Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen

Hello, how are you guys? I hope you're doing fine. Long time i haven't posted. I apologize for long hiatus. All of things comes to my life, and many things to catch up. So after graduate finally i'm back again to law industry. Alhamdulillah! I hope anything will going well and smooth. Amin! Since, i have a quite much loading work, i won't be able to blogging as much as usual. I'm sorry. But i will try to at least give you all 1 post a week, hopefully :) 

Anyway, last July i invited to Ultima II Launched Product named The Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen. It was held on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 at The Only One Resto, FX Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta. I am so happy could be invited in the event, since i do care about healthy skin. Ultima II is an established brand in skin care and cosmetics, and as a leading skin care market cosmetics brand, our vision is to provide excitement and innovation through technology in quality products.

I just found out that at the age of 25, our skin lose 1.5 % of collagen every year, which leads to sagging skin. It is caused by internal and external factors. But, don't worry, Collagen could slow down the aging process, Collagen derived from external sources can be infused to our skin to slowdown the aging process. And Ultima II Extraordinarie Supreme Pure Collagen is an answer to solve anti aging problem. It has 90% Pure Marine Collagen, derived from dogfish skin extract, a high concentrate collagen to replenishes the skin’s natural collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. The product is also contain with substances that can provide nutrients to nourish our face skin. Anyway this product also could be use for disguising the scar. 

How to use the product? after doing a face wash and cleanse our face using a toner, before putting on moisturizer or night cream on the face, applied the product across the face and neck. To get the optimal result, it is recommended to use daily for at least for 28 days. 

Furthermore, Ultima II was also Launched their digital media in this event. In their facebook account, Ultima give three applications that would help us in matters of beauty and skin care. On "Ultima and your need" Application, could help us to solve our skin problems, from oily skin, pimples to Redness. Then, there's a "Your Find Sides" application, it will help us to find which kind of make up that suit our skin type. And   the last application is "Find Ultima II and Join Our Event", it will tell us the nearest Ultima II location counter to get their product and consultating with Ultima II's beauty advicer. Exciting!

The event became more complete with a Ultima's goodies. Thank you very much :* To get the latest update about Ultima, you can also follow their twitter @ULTIMA_id. Always taking care of your skin face diligently, of course with a fit treatment and product, to have a healthy, bright and good skin. Happy Face Care! Bye :)  

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