Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing is My Passion

Since i actively contribute my writing to Khabar Southteast Asia, i required to submit an article related to their goals. On the otherside, following my idealism as a bachelor of law, i want to do something for my country. At least with sharing my thoughts and reporting any event or issue related to tolerance and human rights, i could open people's minds about many things. I also loves to write an article about inspiring people. Besides i could help people, i also able to learn from the source directly. How good isn't? So during my journey as a writer in the last 6 months, i also find that writing is one of my passion life. Start from that, Legally Couture will not solely posting about fashion but also my thoughts and my featured article in several media. Please looking forward to it and thank you very much for stopping by at my blog. Never underestimate the power of fashionable people. Even with heels, edgy outfit and swag attitude, we can do a lot of good things :)  

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