Sunday, June 23, 2013

Empowering Indonesian Woman to be Independent

I personally dedicated this post to amazing and inspiring Indonesian brand named 'Toraja Melo' (Beautiful Toraja). 

Founded in 2008 by Dinny Jusuf, Toraja Melo aims to preserve and rejuvenate Toraja woven while improving the weavers’s life by designing, producing and marketing high quality products. In carrying out the business, Dinny supported by her sister named Nina Jusuf. Together with their same vision, Dinny and Nina elevates ‘woven’ to fashion product as tool to help Toraja’s local women improve their quality of lives and those of their families.

Toraja Melo offers 'head to toe' collection ranging from bags, wallet, shoes, sandals, clothes and shawl wrapped in Toraja’s woven traditional motifs. Every creation is one of a kind art piece, because it is originally handmade by Toraja’s weavers. Dinny personally approached to northern Toraja villages and meet the weavers one by one. Recently, there are 200 weavers joined Toraja Melo. In her deep concern about the knowledge of Toraja’s fabrics and woven, Dinny and Nina also published the supporting book catalog titled “Untannun Kameloan”. Today, Toraja Melo has selling their products in Japan, Thailand, Dubai Italy and United States.

"Independent women open their mind. Their take care of herself and also help others without having to prove it. " 

Wanna know further abour Toraja Melo, you may check their website and get the latest update from @torajamelo. Always support Indonesian Product! Thank you Toraja Melo for your lovely collection and inspiring me to be a better person for our nation. xx!

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