Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crocs : Be Comfort and Fashionable

Hey! How are you guys? I hope you're doing alright. Gratefully, i am good and busy as usual lol! I apologize for haven't be able to catchin up with many posts these days. Recently, i am diligently working as journalist/ writer and having a great time while doing it. Writing is my passion indeed :)

Anyway, a month i had attended the lauched of Crocs new collection Duet Sport and Retro Sneaker , both of them are the series part of  "Crocs FH13". In this event, we also get a fashion tips from Citranesta, a fashion stylish, to get a stylish look by using Crocs shoes. Yeaayy! The audience couldn't be more happier, since Crocs invited Mischa Chandrawinata to attend the event. An eyecandy, lol! hehe

Here it goes the recap of the event, enjoy!

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